MOEX Russia Index

The MOEX increased 126 points or 3.83% since the beginning of 2021, according to trading on a contract for difference (CFD) that tracks this benchmark index from Russia. Historically, the MOEX Russia Index reached an all time high of 3520.66 in January of 2021. The MOEX Russia Index (known as MICEX Index until December of … Read more

Russian market participants today switched to third-tier papers

Russian indices show small changes in the first minutes of Friday trading. At the opening they sat a little, declining for the third day in a row, but the starting drawdown was small and the indexes quickly went to zero. In recent days, the activity of speculators in third-tier securities has increased dramatically. We have … Read more

Further Ripple Growth Opportunities (XRP) are severely limited

strengthened in recent days due to the uptrend in the wider cryptocurrency market. However, its prospects remain unclear amid conflict with the SEC. Sales of tokens by Ripple management only make the situation worse. XRP's future prospects remain unclear after Ripple announced on Monday that they had failed to agree on an out-of-court settlement. Lawyers … Read more

The correction of the stock market will continue today

Yesterday, the first half of the day, the Russian stock market tried to hold the range of 3440-3450 points, consolidation above which opens a technical path to the campaign to historical highs. But it failed. The deterioration of the external background led to increased sales under the curtain of major trading and in the evening … Read more

Alros shares to move to 96 rubles

In the previous trading session, it fell by 3.02%. The closure was held at 97.85 rubles. The turnover of trades amounted to more than 2.3 billion rubles. In Alros' shares a negative scenario was realized, the price was able to gain a foothold below the 50-day moving average. Bears and Bulls power oscillators show the … Read more

The history of the Birdstaine Ladies

In 1983, a kind of Investor Club was established in the United States, whose members were fairly elderly women. Within 10 years, the whole of America knew about them. How did American pensioners succeed in the stock market? In 1983, 16 women, whose average age was 70 years, founded their Investor Club in Birdstown. Not … Read more

Bitcoin is already $52,000 – the $60,000 mark is just around the corner

continues to beat historical value records. On Wednesday, February 17, the first cryptocurrency for the first time in history exceeded the round mark of $52,000 on news from investment giant BlackRock. Over the past three weeks, BTC has risen by $22,000 (73%), adding an average of $1,000 each day. BlackRock, with $8.7 trillion in assets, … Read more